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Re: echo and logging in %post

On 12/14/05, Ingo Jochim <i jochim querysoft de> wrote:
Hopefully you can help on this.

I'm doing a kickstart installation on Fedora Core 4.
I like to install some additional packages in the %post part of kickstart.

I like to create a new file and want to write something into it.
Here is my code:
echo $RANDOM > "/root/ID"

The result in the file is always fine.
But the new file name is strange to me.
If I do a "ls -l" I get "ID?" displayed.
If I just write the beginning of the file and use the TAB-key then I get

You are creating your kickstart configuration in a windows/dos text editor, and it has windows line endings, rather than unix ones.  Either use a text editor that can save with unix line endings, or use something like the dos2unix command  after you create it, or FTP it in text mode to your server before using it.  You need to do something to get rid of the extra ^M at the end of every line in your ks.cfg.

Jason Kohles
email jasonkohles com - http://www.jasonkohles.com/
"A witty saying proves nothing."  -- Voltaire

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