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RE: Problems doing a ks over NFS

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Subject: Problems doing a ks over NFS 

Dear list readers - 
I have been googling and reading, trying to figure this out, but its
come time to ask the collective brain trust here for ideas, as none of
my efforts have fixed my problems. What i have is about 400 servers that
are in need of being kickstarted from RH73 to FC2. The network
infrastructure is such that these 400 servers are spread over multiple
vlans in order to spread the servers over multiple routers, etc.
Normally i would be able to have dhcp forwarding enabled, which MIGHT
have solved my problem, but in our environment this would be a huge
no-no. So, in an effort to get around that problem, i have a few
dhcp-relay servers running, one on each of the subnets (vlans) in this
environment  So, when kickstarting a box that sits natively on the same
subnet as the yum/ks server - this works, nfs is found, mounted, and the
kickstart works. Now, for ANY other box, not sitting on the same subnet,
this fails, even though i can see the dhcp requests getting there from
the relay servers, the nfs mount is not able to be found, nor mounted,
so the kickstart fails. By the wway, I have exported the 'repo' I am
using for these kickstart installs as follows:

Sorry got cut off, here is my exports:

/repo                  *(ro) 
/tftpboot              *(ro) 
I desperately need to get this to work - however, i am limited in what i
can 'open' within this infrastructure. Does anyone have any pointers,
ideas, places for me to look to try to help debug and figure out JUST
WHAT THE HECK is going on here.
Thanks in advance
Michael Weiner

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