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RHEL 4.2 Anaconda problems



I am getting a segfault error message on the F4 screen of the RHEL 4.2 AMD64 installer.  Other than that I do not see any other errors.  It just bombs out and waits for user input to reboot.  The following is a list of modifications:


  1. Created DVD-based installation disk with kickstart-based install script.  This works without modifications below.
  2. Added two packages.  One custom package and KSH package taken from Fedora Core 4.
  3. Executed genhdlist.


Is the procedure for adding packages different for RHEL 4.2 than RHEL 2.1?  I noticed this version of RHEL comes with pdksh package, which could conflict with the new ksh package; however, the installation bombs out without the ksh package too.


I think perhaps the genhdlist is not working well or there is something else I have to do.  Any help greatly appreciated.





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