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Re: RHEL 4.2 Anaconda problems

Philip Rowlands <phr doc ic ac uk> wrote:

> > I think perhaps the genhdlist is not working well or there is
> > something else I have to do.  Any help greatly appreciated.
> There is a bug (feature?) in recent anacondas, still present it seems,
> where the package order is not taken into account, and must therefore be
> generated correctly (with pkgorder). The wiki page which Klaus mentioned
> has the details of which commands to run.

>From what I've learned, there are two tricks. The first one is that you
must run genhdlist, then pkgorder, then again genhdlist:

    $ genhdlist $RHDIST
    $ pkgorder $RHDIST i386 [list of groups to prioritize] >pkgorder.txt
    $ genhdlist --fileorder pkgorder.txt $RHDIST

The second trick is that if you use buildinstall to regenerate the
installation disk images, it itself re-runs pkgorder, hence ignoring
the groups you wanted to prioritize. What I do is save a copy of
the pkgorder.txt file before running buildinstall, then copy it back.

Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni

Close the world, txEn eht nepO.

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