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Re: network kickstart without dhcp server

On Wed, 2005-11-02 at 23:37 +0000, Darren Birkett wrote:
> Is it possible to have my kickstart file on an nfs mount, the
> installation media on another nfs mount, and to use a statically
> defined ip address defined with options at the boot prompt.  For
> example   boot> linux ks=nfs: ip= gateway=
> netmask=   I'm not able to run a dhcp server in my
> environment so unless I can define the networking info to my target
> machine at the boot prompt, it's not going to be able to access the
> kickstart or installation files on the network.

Yes it is possible.  I fail to remember where these boot options are
documented, but there is a method to define the network settings at the
boot prompt.

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