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RE: network kickstart without dhcp server

The boot: line will say what the IP is of the server you are
kickstarting, and what the IP/name of the kickstart file you are
retrieving (just like your example).

The INSTALLATION source is specified in the kickstart file itself, and
does not have to be the same as the server you got your ks.cfg file


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On Wed, 2005-11-02 at 23:37 +0000, Darren Birkett wrote:
> Is it possible to have my kickstart file on an nfs mount, the 
> installation media on another nfs mount, and to use a statically 
> defined ip address defined with options at the boot prompt.  For
> example   boot> linux ks=nfs: ip= gateway=
> netmask=   I'm not able to run a dhcp server in my
> environment so unless I can define the networking info to my target 
> machine at the boot prompt, it's not going to be able to access the 
> kickstart or installation files on the network.

Yes it is possible.  I fail to remember where these boot options are
documented, but there is a method to define the network settings at the
boot prompt.

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