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RE: network kickstart without dhcp server

The options for the boot line (like "ip=") can be found in the file /usr/share/doc/anaconda-XX/command-line.txt
Andrew Robinson

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Subject: Re: network kickstart without dhcp server

On 11/3/05, Darren Birkett <darren birkett gmail com> wrote:
>Is it possible to have my kickstart file on an nfs mount, the installation media on another nfs mount, and to use a statically defined ip address >defined with options at the boot prompt.  For example
>boot> linux ks=nfs: ip= gateway= netmask=
>I'm not able to run a dhcp server in my environment so unless I can define the networking info to my target machine at the boot prompt, it's not >going to be able to access the kickstart or installation files on the network.

Well it would appear the answer is no.  Redhat tries to get the kickstart file off the nfs export BEFORE it uses the networking info provided on the command line to set up its networking.  And I was so excited...

The answer is emphatically yes, I do it this way all the time, although with http installs.  There may be something different in the nfs code path.

Jason Kohles
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