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RE: Booting from a usb key fob


I am also interested in some of the stop you took to accomplish
this...especially preloading the drivers.


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> I remember a brief discussion on this not too long ago.
> I have formatted and loaded a 256 MB with the first release cdrom but
> cannot get it to be booted from.
> Can someone point me to the right location for instructions on this?
> I am loading RHEL3 update6
I've successfully run kickstart from USB keys with EL4. Haven't tried
EL3, but
it was fairly straightforward ...

I made an disk image file the same way one would make a cramfs image
making sure to put 'ldlinux.sys' (install the syslinux RPM on your build
machine) on it. From there, it was easy enough to just dump it to
/dev/sda (my
USB key) using 'dd'.

If EL3 makes sure to preload its drivers properly, I think the process
be fairly straightforward.

I can privately pass along some of the build steps I use to make it go,
you're interested.


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