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Off Topic: No beeping sound... Thank you!

Thanks Philip, and others who replied to help.

It works like a charm! Your expertise has saved me days of research and
"man -k ..." on related sound terms.
Is there any Redhat lists that dedicate to miscellaneous topics like this?

P/S It'll try not to bother this group on non Kickstart topics, unless there
an emergency like this :))
--- Philip Rowlands <phr doc ic ac uk> wrote:

> On Fri, 4 Nov 2005, Lambert Tran wrote:
> > We only have an integrated sound (no sound card), and after installed 
> > Redhat ES4, I can't get the beep or ctrl-G to beep at all.
> This is off-topic, and probably better addressed to one of the other 
> redhat distro lists. However...
> Try "modprobe pcspkr".
> Cheers,
> Phil
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