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Kickstart on CD

I am trying to create a customized minimal linux CD by placing ks.cfg in the isolinux directory of my CD.
This way, I am not making use of the dosutils directory.
However, during the boot process, it fails to find the kickstart file on my CD and the installation halts. On my other tty, I see the message "Searching for file on path /tmp/mnt//ks.cfg".

Has anyone encountered the above issue before? Any help/pointers would be greatly appreciated. I am trying
create the CD using RHEL 4.0 (base version with no updates) for x86_64.
I am making use of the below mentioned URL to create my customized minimal Linux CD.

Please find the extract of my isolinux.cfg file in the isolinux directory below:
-bash-2.05b$ cat isolinux.cfg
default myks
prompt 1
timeout 0
display snake.msg
label myks
 kernel vmlinuz
 append ks=cdrom initrd=initrd.img text ramdisk_size=8192


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