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genhdlist issue

Hi all--

Trying to build a custom install based on RHEL 3...  I have added a few
packages to the RPMS directory, and specified them in my ks.cfg.  I did
not change comps.xml file at all.  Feels like I've done this a hundred
times over the last few years, and never found a problem like this one.

If I comment out the added packages, the ks.cfg otherwise works, and I end
up with a good build.

To make the added packages work, I run /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/genhdlist
/path/to/kickstart.  It produces no errors.  After that (even while the
added packages are still commented out), the kickstart goes through the
actions of installing, but won't boot (the kernel isn't actually installed
in /boot).  Doing a manual install (IE without the ks=) gives me the same

After the failed build, at the "press <enter> to reboot" screen, I can go
over to tty2 and look at the log...  /mnt/sysimage/root/install.log... 
The first sign of trouble is after "Installing apmd-<version>", it says
"error: %post(apmd-) scriptlet failed, exit status 255".  Lots of other
packages error similarly.  Once down to the kernel, it says "Installing
kernel-<ver>", followed by "/bin/sh: error while loading shared libraries:
libtermcap.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or
direcotyr", then it says it's skipping kernel because %pre failed.  NOTE: 
I'm re-typing from tty2 -- I don't know any quick way to capture this data
on my desktop for emailing.  :-(

I thought genhdlist simply produced an ordered package list, such that the
comps.xml could specify the package name, which could be matched in the
list to an exact version, etc?  What could be going wrong here?

The only idea I've had is that my kickstart server is based on RHEL-4, but
that has never been a problem when I've done this with older distros...

Thanks for any help,


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