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Re: customized nfs install

> Hi guys,
> I don't know if this is the proper place to ask ...
> I want to customize the rpms in A RedHat AS3
> distribution for nfs install.
> I've modified disc 1:
>  - replaceing openldap-server rpm with a newer version
> from Redhat/RPMS.
>  - removed Redhat/base/hdlist*
>  - run genhdlist --withnumbers /path/disc1
>  - checked and hdlist files were re-created
>  - created iso image:  mkisofs  -J -R -o
> rhel-3-u5-i386-as-disc1.iso /path/disc1/
>   - booted and stared nfs install and I got the
> following error:
> File "usr/lib/anaconda.image.py", line 968 in ?
>    methodobj = =NfsIsoInstallMethod(mathod[8:],
> intf.messageWindow, rootPath)
> File "usr/lib/anaconda.image.py", line 484 in __init__
>    self.mountImage(1)
> File "usr/lib/anaconda.image.py", line 456 in
> mountImage
>    isoimage = self.isoPath + '/' +
> self.diskImages[cdNum]
> KeyError: 1
> install exited abnormally
I'm strictly speculating, but from the Anaconda output, it looks like your ISO
is no good.

Check its usability first by putting it into another system and checking that
it's mountable, etc. 

... but more to the point, if you're doing an NFS install, you don't need to
use the metadata on the CD, you can simply boot kickstart and tell it to use
what it finds online.

I'm using it to do HTTP installs, and my boot media is strictly bare-bones,
and I have no hdlist files, RPMs, or comps.xml files anywhere on it - that
stuff is all provided over HTTP during installation.


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