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Re: customized nfs install

> I'm booting from floppy and do nfs install...
> linux dd ks=nfs:
> ksdevice=eth0
> The iso is the one from de distribution, mounted
> through loopback and having one rpm replaced and
> hdlist regenerated. Then I create the iso...
> What I'm interested in, is how can I replace an
> existing   package with a newer one right at the
> install without having later to run an up2date.
I've had to do that with EL4 and EL3 for a bunch of our systems.

There's a script posted on the Fedora Wiki that I use almost daily to merge
updates into my RPM tree (eliminating the need for updates). See
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/AnacondaGenHdList for more info on the subject.
Note that the script posted, as posted, hasn't worked for me with EL3 but a
little noodling around got it to cooperate.

The boot loader code is a little dumb, IMO, in that it will load up an ISO if
it finds one even if you explicitly tell it not to - so I stripped my ISO down
to nothing, and force it to do what I tell it to.

You can safely skip the ISO altogether if your NFS tree has your updated RPMS
merged into it and new hdlist files have been generated that include the new


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