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Re: Grub not getting installed after kickstart installation


In your %post section, you have these two lines:

# /bin/echo -e "root (hd0,0) \n install /grub/stage1 d (hd0) /grub/stage2 p \
 (hd0,0)/grub/grub.conf \n quit" | /sbin/grub --batch

You've only commented out the first part of it, not the second. It'd come up with an error 'command not found: hd0,0', or some such.

Comment out that 2nd line, and try it again.

Now, as for 'ls', 'mv' etc. not being mounted when you chroot in emergency mode, is somewhat odd. Are you sure it's not just that /bin/ isn't in the emergency sesions path? You've actually looked in /bin, not found them, double checked to ensure that the 'cureutils' package is installed?

Stuart J. Browne
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Subject: Grub not getting installed after kickstart installation


I am trying to make a kickstart CD to install RHEL3 Update 3 on an HP DL585
server. The install is taking place on disks controlled by internal RAID
controller (HP Smart array 5i). The install seems to work like breeze. At the
end of installation, there are some issues -

(1.) All the post install scripts which tries to mount the cd-rom to copy
files from CD to hardisk are failing. Possibly some silly mistake. Will be
glad if someone points those out.

(2.) Although the grub was being installed as a part of the install process,
when trying to boot from hardisk I was just staring at a message -
"Attempting to boot from Hard Disk (C:)". I tried installing grub through the
post-install section of kickstart but that also showed me just the word:


(3.) When I boot from the Cd in rescue mode and try to do a chroot into
/mnt/sysimage for doing grub-install i find that most core-utils binaries
like ls, rm, cp etc are not installed. While I clearly remember seeing
core-utils being installed during installation and the rpm is present on Cd
as well as mentioned in the kickstart file. What's happening.

On the other hand if I do a minimum install from first two CDs of RHEL3
Update 3 the system is perfectly bootable and works fine.

Can someone point out what am I doing wrong?

I am attaching my kickstart file for reference.

Ajitabh Pandey
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