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Re: Kickstart fails


If you've got a network switch (CISCO 37xx, 65xx, etc)
you may want to check that the spantree portfast is enabled
for the port to which you are connected.  I've had lots of trouble
with this in the past.  The spanning tree path calculation in the switch takes up to 50
seconds to make itself happy.  The installer does not have that much patience.
Enabling portfast reduces this time considerably.


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I have been trying to get kickstart working but have had no success.



Here are the last few lines of the kickstart process before it dies:


*getting kickstart file

*sending dhcp request through device eth0

*waiting for link

* 5 seconds

* running dhcp for eth0

* pump told us:  No DHCP reply received

* eth0 isn’t a wireless adaptor


I have checked every possible configuration with regards to dhcp, pxe, tftp, but cannot find anything wrong.


Has anyone else seen this type of behavior?


Thanks in advance.





Liz Brosch

TSH System Services

Philadelphia, PA  19104

office:  (215) 386-0100 x1144

cell:     (267) 784-9166


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