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Re: Neccessary metadata for NFS kickstart of base+updates(+extras)?

>>>>> "JC" == Joe Christy <joe eshu net> writes:

JC> [...] I haven't found corresponding documentation for an NFS based
JC> kickstart.

Lots of info should be in the archive of this list.

JC> If I'm _not_ using iso's, just a Fedora/{base,RPMS} tree with
JC> latest update rpms, what meta-data do I need to generate so that I
JC> can do a kickstart install? Is hdlist still necessary, since there
JC> are, strictly speaking no install discs?

You need hdlist.  You may also need to run pkgorder.  I use this tool
to keep things updated: http://www.math.uh.edu/~tibbs/do_update

You just feed it the locations of your install tree and your updates
mirror and it will apply the updates and do the other bits necessary
to make an installable tree.

JC> ... and what If I want to supplement my install with some rpms
JC> from Extras? Do I need only add the packages into comps.xml and
JC> proceed as before?

You could copy them into the tree, edit comps if you want, and do the
genhdlist/pkgorder thing (or run the above tool with "--genhdlist").

I prefer to keep the base install as pristine as possible and install
as much as possible via yum either in %post or after the system boots.
This makes moving between major OS versions a bit simpler.

 - J<

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