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Re: Flash Drive

Gary P wrote:

----- Original Message ----- From: "Jason L Tibbitts III" <tibbs math uh edu>
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Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2005 7:32 PM
Subject: Re: Flash Drive

"GP" == Gary P <list akwebhosting net> writes:

GP> when i run your script, heres what i get

That wasn't really a script, it was just some information on how you
might go about making your own diskboot.img if you wanted to do it by
hand.  I included it without knowing the complete nature of your
problem or your experience level.

You should just take the distro-provided diskboot.img and put it on
the drive.  Nothing more.  Get into the details if you want to hack

- J<

yah after i sent that, i figured that much out

now i am stuck (again) when i run dd if=/home/diskboot.img of=/dev/sda bs=1M count=512
496+0 records in
496+0 records out

it just sits there, i can see the light on the flash card blinking but this has been going on for about 20-30 minutes now....

That isn't the command that has been recommended to you. You've added "bs=1M count=512"...this is going to corrupt the filesystem. I don't know if it will prevent booting, but it isn't what you want to do.

Use the command that was recommended:

dd if=/home/diskboot.img of=/dev/sda

Nothing more. This is not the time for improvising. (BTW-Make sure your earlier dd in the opposite direction hasn't overwritten your diskboot.img. That would also lead to brokenness of some degree.)

If that doesn't boot, then your systems won't boot from this particular USB device. That is stage one in your troubleshooting adventure. You're trying to tackle too many things at once. Getting a bigger image is for after you know these servers will boot from the device you want to boot from, and the command you've given is not the way to accomplish it.

Another aside...I use PXE booting when I have a slew of servers to install. No messing about with physical media...but you do have to setup a few things on a local server.

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