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Ignoring SAN devices during kickstart?


We running into interactive kickstart issues when specifying specific
"clearpart" and "bootloader" directives and other devices
(i.e. /dev/sda) are read-only EMC SAN devices.  Anaconda consistently
says "The partition table on device sda was unreadable." and asks if I
want to initialize this drive.  Since this is the EMC Volume Logix LUN,
it's read-only and needs to be disregarded.

What are folks doing when they re-kickstart a machine with SAN LUNs
presented?  On our HP Proliants, I've started specifying drive order
cciss/c0d0 so Anaconda doesn't tell GRUB to install to /dev/sda.  Any
other tips would be appreciated.

If I have 30 LUNs presented to a machine and some of those LUNs are
formatted with Sun labels, Anaconda asks me if I want to format them.
I'd rather tell Anaconda to just proceed with loading to cciss/c0d0 and
disregard these LUNs.

In our RHEL 3 customized distro, we actually removed the qla2x00 drivers
from the boot images to avoid overwriting SAN data.  Now we're trying to
use the untouched RHEL 4 boot images and running into all these issues.

Thanks for any help!

       Brian Long                      |         |           |
       IT Data Center Systems          |       .|||.       .|||.
       Cisco Linux Developer           |   ..:|||||||:...:|||||||:..
       Phone: (919) 392-7363           |   C i s c o   S y s t e m s

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