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RE: Ignoring SAN devices during kickstart?

We have the same problem with out Dell EMC SAN.  The only way I've
gotten around it was to disconnect the fibre from the machine being
kicked started.  On first reboot plug it back in.  It's a headache but
seems to be the only reliable way to get around it.

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We running into interactive kickstart issues when specifying specific
"clearpart" and "bootloader" directives and other devices (i.e.
/dev/sda) are read-only EMC SAN devices.  Anaconda consistently says
"The partition table on device sda was unreadable." and asks if I want
to initialize this drive.  Since this is the EMC Volume Logix LUN, it's
read-only and needs to be disregarded.

What are folks doing when they re-kickstart a machine with SAN LUNs
presented?  On our HP Proliants, I've started specifying drive order
cciss/c0d0 so Anaconda doesn't tell GRUB to install to /dev/sda.  Any
other tips would be appreciated.

If I have 30 LUNs presented to a machine and some of those LUNs are
formatted with Sun labels, Anaconda asks me if I want to format them.
I'd rather tell Anaconda to just proceed with loading to cciss/c0d0 and
disregard these LUNs.

In our RHEL 3 customized distro, we actually removed the qla2x00 drivers
from the boot images to avoid overwriting SAN data.  Now we're trying to
use the untouched RHEL 4 boot images and running into all these issues.

Thanks for any help!

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