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nfs kickstart network install

I want to perform an Kickstart network installation via nfs.
I place the following line immediately following the "install" keyword
in the Kickstart file.

nfs --server= --dir=/admin/linux/scientific/304/i386

However, the system still asks me to interactively specify the nfs
server and intallation directory tree.

What I am doing wrong here? I don't want to be asked for the NFS server
specifics, I want the nfs parameters in the kickstart file to be used


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Stuart J. Browne wrote:
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> Subject: swap partition on 2nd slice
>> Is there a way to make kickstart force the swap partition to the 
>> second slice?
> Look at --onpart
> i.e.
> part swap --onpart=/dev/hda2
> bkx

You should also note that --onpart expects the partition to be created 
prior to install.


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