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bootable CD or diskette for FC3, how can i do it?

Hi guys,

I am a kind of new using Linux, and I got a big task to do as soon as possible, i have been reading a lot about the kickstart but so far i can not get it working so if you have a few minute, i will really appreciated !!

so, so far I have a good installation of FC3 and the ks.cfg file that anaconda generated during my installation, so I have also 5 servers in the netwotk with debian :( and I must change them to FC3 with the same package and everything like the one i have ready now.

the installation must be with ks=http://server/directory/   (via http)

1. could you explaind to me STEP by STEP how can i do a good bootable CD and be able to do a kickstart installation using a http server to take the packages and/or the ks.cfg file ? (i have tried it twice, but still not working, i thing i am missing something :) )

2. do i need to copy the 3 CDs of FC3 in the http server?

3. I hace the DHCP server installed , do i really need it?

4. is it possible to do the kickstart installation with a diskette? if yes, how?

thanks in advance for you help, guys ...I really need this, my work depend on it and i am tired of using windows as server or desktop, i am moving to linux


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