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Kickstart is not working at all?

It must be something obvious I overlooked, so forgive me a stupid question..

I try to perform a kickstart installation. Nothing special, I just want
to see it work. So I have a kickstart file the one I got from anaconda
after the first installation.

1) I boot from the first FC4 installation CD (no special preparation,
it's just the standard downloaded ISO)
2) I tried all the following commands to boot:
  linux ks (I configured the DHCP server to give the NFS server/file)
  linux ks=nfs:server:/pathto/ks.cfg
  linux ks=http://server/pathto/ks.cfg

But nothing seem to happen. The CD just starts to aks the normal
questions about language etc. No information from the kickstart file is

BTW I used this link to get myself started:

Is any newer documentation or HOWTO available?

Thanks for your help.


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