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Re: Kickstart is not working at all?

Hi Phil

Thanks for the help. It now works. I needed the feedback from Alt-F3!
The dhcp server did not supply the correct server, so that the file was
tried to mount from the dhcp server (in a default /kickstart directory).

The GUI did not show any warnings and just went on....

It might have something to do with name resolution. I assumed this
should work. Anyhow I tried the ks=http:// method and that fetched the
file correctly from the correct server. The installation script halted
at the disk partitioning step as I expected.

Thanks again,
>>But nothing seem to happen. The CD just starts to aks the normal
>>questions about language etc. No information from the kickstart file is
> This usually indicates that the kickstart file could not be retrieved.
> Are there any error messages on the various virtual consoles (Alt+F3
> etc)?
> Cheers,
> Phil

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