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Re: %packages and optional packages?

Brian Long wrote:
> We have been using a customized kickstart for years, but with RHEL 4, we
> plan to use Red Hat's existing kickstart infrastructure and bootstrap
> yum to add anything extra.
> In doing this, I wonder how you can configure kickstart to install
> optional packages inside a comps group without specifying each package
> manually.  For example, @ graphical-internet includes evolution-
> connector as optional.  I want it installed, so does that mean I have to
> call it out specifically?  Is there a group-by-group way to tell
> Anaconda to install all packages including optional ones?  Maybe a new
> syntax like this:
> %packages
> @ graphical-internet --include-optional
> @ emacs
> @ gnome-desktop
> /Brian/

brian -

I kindof did this.  I edited my comps.xml, removing groups that I did
not want.  I took it one step further, and removed packages from @base
and @core that I did not want, either.  It works quite well.

What does this get me?  It gets me the freedom of not specifying a
single package in %packages, as @base and @core groups are hard-coded
and are installed by default.

If you'd like to have a copy of the command list that I used, please let
me know.  You might even want to create your own groups, which are
copies of the origional groups, with other packages added and/or subtrated.

Hope that helps.


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