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Re: %packages and optional packages?

On Fri, 2005-09-09 at 15:31 -0600, Dan Trainor wrote:
> Brian Long wrote:
> > We have been using a customized kickstart for years, but with RHEL 4, we
> > plan to use Red Hat's existing kickstart infrastructure and bootstrap
> > yum to add anything extra.
> > 
> > In doing this, I wonder how you can configure kickstart to install
> > optional packages inside a comps group without specifying each package
> > manually.  For example, @ graphical-internet includes evolution-
> > connector as optional.  I want it installed, so does that mean I have to
> > call it out specifically?  Is there a group-by-group way to tell
> > Anaconda to install all packages including optional ones?  Maybe a new
> > syntax like this:
> > 
> > %packages
> > @ graphical-internet --include-optional
> > @ emacs
> > @ gnome-desktop
> > 
> > /Brian/
> brian -
> I kindof did this.  I edited my comps.xml, removing groups that I did
> not want.  I took it one step further, and removed packages from @base
> and @core that I did not want, either.  It works quite well.


That's what I stated we were trying to avoid with RHEL 4  :)  We use our
home-grown kickstart-tools (http://kickstart-tools.sf.net) to create an
entirely new kickstart tree made of Red Hat, third-party and
Cisco-created RPMs.

With RHEL 4, I would like to use Red Hat's provided kickstart tree and
bootstrap Yum on top in %post.  We already have this working, but I was
trying to figure out how to include optional packages in the groups.


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