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Re: kickstart RH8 using Vanilla Kernel.Org

I think my problem is in the initrd to start the kickstart loader.  But I don't know how to make this ramdisk. ( what files are needed. etc.)  I used the kernel.org kernel to pxe boot and used the ramdisk from the images/ of rh8 cd1.  But this should be a mismatch right ?
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I haven¬ít done this with RH8 or with PXE  booting, but I did it with RH7.3 for CD-ROM  only.  Remember to replace all the affected kernel and driver bits in the initrd.img and then also get the drivers in the stage2.img.  It was generally straight forward but time consuming to get it to 2.4.28 a year ago.

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I need some help getting RH8 installed via PXEBOOT while using a kernel.org as the PXE images.  Is this at all possible ? If so can someone provide help.  
Here's some information:
I have a kernel.org image to use initrd and has all necessary devices to load in the kernel.  I'm just struggling with the initrd image.  What needs to be in the ramdisk?  Is it just the /sbin/loader do I make a new ramdisk under the kernel.org version or can I just use the one on the RH CD and remove all the modules?
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