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Kickstart taking long time on RHEL 4 to start

  I'm experiencing a strange RHEL v4 specific issue. 
For some reason, Kickstart is taking a very long time
to start installing packages.  I'm installing from an
nfs server and the ks file is located on the nfs
server.  Anaconda quickly gets a DHCP request and goes
through everything at a reasonable rate until it
reaches the screen where it is about to install
software (after it has completed the formatting).  It
then "hangs" for about 5-10 minutes before continuing.
 Even when installing software, I feel that it is
quite slow.  I had the exact same setup on RHEL v3 and
it was about twice as fast.  Furthermore, on RHEL v3,
there was no delay in any part of the installation.  I
checked that traffic on the network and there was
basically no traffic except for the installation (I
had only a single machine installing).  After taking
some time to install the packages, the installation is
successful.  However, I was wondering why it takes so
long to start installing the packages.  Any ideas? 
Thanks for your time.  

PS.  I attached the kickstart file if anyone's interested.

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