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Re: Use anaconda procedure for partiton and format a new HD

Il giorno mar, 27/09/2005 alle 17.32 +0200, Dario Lesca ha scritto:
> Hi, I am new of this list, My first question is: It is possible
> to use the anaconda procedure (/usr/lib/anaconda/*) to format,
> patition, and create LVM volumes on a new disk, taking the layout
> info from a file whit anaconda KS syntax?

Many thanks to all, with your answers they are successful to improve my
procedures of pxe setup.

But my question (formulated badly, I'm sorry for my bad English) it was

I would want make the disk partitions, and mkfs, from a shell command
line procedure.

Now I manually use this procedure on my pc whit fc4:

# fdisk -l /dev/hda

add a new disk on hdb and manually, whit fdisk /dev/hdb, I recreate some
partition, then lvm, and mkfs on the new hdb disk.

Therefore the question is: it is possible to create a python procedure
(or someone has already create it) that uses as
includes /usr/lib/anaconda files, and that reading from a KS syntax file
(that I manually compile, like my first example), write to the new disc
the partitions and recreate the filesystem, like the setup do ??

I hope to have explained well my question ... or this is a question for
anaconda ML?

Many thanks to all!!

Dario Lesca <d lesca solinos it>

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