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Re: When was "include" directive introduced?

Hi Roman,

RHEL 2.1 (based on RH 7.3) doesn't support %include. Only RHEL 3 and 4
support it. I am guessing then that RH8 and newer also support it. I have
to support RHEL 2.1, 3, and 4, and thus I unfortunately can't take %include
for granted. My RHEL 2.1 KS files are a different than the rest. I generate
them on-the-fly via a CGI script, so its not a big deal _now_, but it used
to be a pain to always make exceptions for RHEL 2.1, where just nothing is
standard and half the stuff you need missing.



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I'm working on an ESX server from VMware which uses anaconda + Kickstart.
However it's anaconda version is quite archaic - I can't figure out the
version of anaconda. It has also been heavily hacked by folks from VMware.
They say it is based on RH7.2  I mounted netstg1.img and did a grep on
"include" in "usr/lib/anaconda" but that didn't turn up any good positives…
Maybe it just isn't there?

My question is: How long ago was "%include" directive introduced? Should I
take it for granted?

Thanks much,

Roman Lazarev
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