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Re: Adding drivers to kickstart initrd.img

Hi Dan,

Yes, I am installing on x86_64. Any help you can give would be appreciated. I think I tracked down the problem with the driver not loading. I have added the correct driver into the modules.cgz cpio that is is inside the initrd.img file under the isolinux directory on install disk 1. I noticed that when it bombs out that it is attempting to load another 3ware driver from some other modules.cgz file. I found another modules.cgz in stage2.img but when I mount stage2.img it is read only and I have been unsuccessful in producing a duplicate stage2.img with mkfs.cramfs. I think that a rebuild of anaconda could fix this problem but I could be totally going in the wrong direction.

Thank you,


On Apr 13, 2006, at 2:40 PM, Dan Carpenter wrote:

On 4/12/06, Ryan C. Spaulding <rspaulding mail arc nasa gov> wrote:
I am attempting to install Redhat 4.0-3 onto some new hardware with a
3ware 9550SX SCSI RAID card.

You'll need to use a driver disk for that.

If you're using x86_64, I could send it to you...

dan carpenter

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