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FC5 on low memory systems

I'm having trouble getting an FC5 kickstart to work on a laptop with
only 128M of memory.   With 

	part swap --recommended

it creates a 128M swap file which I believe is not big enough.  The install
aborts about halfway through and since the system reboots at that point,
it's hard to see if any errors occur.   But, I'm guessing it's running out
of space because if I use

	part swap --size 256

then the installation will complete successfully.   But, that's not the 
right answer for systems with larger amounts of memory.  What I'd really
like is something like 
	part --size MIN( 256, recommended )

or better, to have anaconda not create such a small swap partition in 
the first place.

Any workarounds?  Should this be a bug against anaconda?


Peter Fales
Lucent Technologies
Member of Technical Staff
2000 Lucent Lane
Room: 1C-436
Naperville, IL 60566-7033
Email: psfales lucent com
Phone: 630 979 8031

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