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need help with boot cd

I am using red hat enterprise linux v4 and i want eveyrthing to fit on one CD to do a minimal install
i finally created a boot cd that will boot up and it uses the ks.cfg file on the cd so it does a complete install with out me beiing there. however after i install it instructs me to reboot and when i go to reboot it doesnt come grub starts to load and but nothing is install except a few folders under the root directory but no files or any of the packages are install before i reboot i checked the red hat installation screen and go this off of it

*not all packages in hdlist had order tag

File descriptor 3 left open

the file descriptor on list from 1 until 31

No volume groups found

these ar eth errors that i see on the screen from.

can anyone help me out as to what they think my problem may be. everything would be greatly appreciated

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