Problem with reading kickstart file from second dvdrom drive

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If you put the ks.cfg file into the initrd, then use ks=file, it won't
matter whether the dvd is hda,b,c... etc. 

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Subject: Problem with reading kickstart file from second dvdrom drive

I created my own custom installation DVD where my kickstart file is
located in the root directory(/) of the DVD. The DVD is a copy of the
installation DVD so it also contains all the RPMs, etc. The intended
usage is the users boots with this DVD, types "installme"
and the install carries out the installation based on my kickstart file
all off the DVD. 

On the system I am installing to, the DVDROM is the
second(!) drive connected to the IDE controller, the first drive is a

Installation fails when it tries to read this kickstart file from the
install DVD. Note that I can still do a manual installation fine from
the DVD.
Reading the kickstart file is the only problem.

If I unplug the CDRW and configure the DVDROM as the only drive, the
kickstart installation from the DVD works!

Does anyone have any guesses on what I have configured incorrectly which
is preventing it from working when I install from the second drive? How
can I change it so this custom installation DVD would work whether the
DVDROM was the first device or second?

I require the user to type "installme" at the install menu to follow my
kickstart file. The relevant lines from isolinux.cfg are:

label installme
  kernel vmlinuz
  append ks=cdrom:/my.cfg initrd=initrd.img

On a failed kickstart installation (when DVDROM is the second drive), I
get sent to the media check screen.
The following is the output when I press Alt-F3 and


*getting kickstart file
*getting kickstart file from first CDROM *getFileFromBlockDevice
(hda,/my.cfg) *failed to mount CD device hda *failed to mount CD device
hdb *mntloop loop0 on /mnt/runtime as /mnt/source/RedHat/base/stage2.img
fd is 12 *Could not parse pvd

<6>cdrom: open failed
<7>ISO 9600 Extensions: Microsoft Joliet Level 3 <4>Unable to load NLS
charset utf8 <4>Unable to load NLS charset utf8 <7>ISO 9660 Extensions:
RRIP_1991A <4>Unable to identify CD-ROM format
<4>VFC: can't find the ext2 filesystem on dev loop0

Thanks for any tips!

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