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Re: Identifying SCSI or IDE drives in %pre

Brian Long wrote:
On 3/29/07, Jason Edgecombe <jason rampaginggeek com> wrote:

Daniel Segall wrote:
> I deploy kickstarts to a number of different configurations. The servers
have IDE, SAS, or SCSI drives. My partitioning is always the same, but if
it's an IDE server, I do a software raid1. The SCSI & SAS servers have
hardware raid1.

I wonder how you will determine IDE or SCSI with Fedora 7 and beyond since
the new libata causes all devices to be named /dev/sda (even IDE drives). I
haven't poked around /proc on Fedora 7, but I wonder if the new libata will
leave hints on which bus the device is using (IDE or SCSI) and you can
change your logic based on that.

I've been having fun and games on a Debian Testing box here. Very testing. Change certain BIOS options and the first ATA drive can be hda (expected), hde or sda. It's not only me that gets confused, When Linux can't find itself, it panics;-)

I think a Ubuntu box here got a bit schizo too, before I rubbed it out.



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