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Re: Identifying SCSI or IDE drives in %pre

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Brian Long wrote:
> On 3/29/07, *Jason Edgecombe* <jason rampaginggeek com
> <mailto:jason rampaginggeek com>> wrote:
>     Daniel Segall wrote:
>     > I deploy kickstarts to a number of different configurations. The
>     servers have IDE, SAS, or SCSI drives. My partitioning is always the
>     same, but if it's an IDE server, I do a software raid1. The SCSI &
>     SAS servers have hardware raid1. 
> I wonder how you will determine IDE or SCSI with Fedora 7 and beyond
> since the new libata causes all devices to be named /dev/sda (even IDE
> drives).  I haven't poked around /proc on Fedora 7, but I wonder if the
> new libata will leave hints on which bus the device is using (IDE or
> SCSI) and you can change your logic based on that.
> /Brian/

That is a good question. I haven't had time to start testing on it
either, since I don't have to deploy it here. At least I have a year and
a half until I have to deal with it in RHEL6.

- -Dan
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