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Re: Fedora and kickstart

seth vidal wrote:
On Tue, 2007-04-10 at 10:30 -0400, Brian Peront wrote:

On my system in


I ran createrepo -v . ( In /free/FC6/Fedora/RPMS ) and my rpms are there. I'm still getting the same error missing package.

run it in FC6, not in Fedora/RPMS

and you need to run:
createrepo -g relative-path-to-comps.xml .

My experience with RHEL5 which is similar to FC6 is as follows:

I have my unpacked CD's on an nfs server and then created a directory for my custom rpms. I ran createrepo on my custom rpm folder and added a "repo" lin to my kickstart file to include the customs rpms. I then add the custom rpm name to the packages section to install it.

The repo line should work well with http repositories. for my NFS stuff, I had to mount the nfs server in %pre to get the repo to work, but that's only for NFS.

I haven't needed to much with comps.xml to add my custom rpms.


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