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Re: Intel megasr RAID driver not included with RHEL4

An example for dd command line parameter is:


In this case, the driver image (megasr) is located within the initrd
under tmp directory.

'dd=' parameter is to specify the driver disk image location. 'ks=' is
to specify the location of kickstart file (example:

Driver disks can also be specified in the kickstart file, as mentioned
in the examples here:

driverdisk --source=ftp://path/to/dd.img
driverdisk --source=http://path/to/dd.img
driverdisk --source=nfs:host:/path/to/img

Btw, for Intel servers, there is a tool called "Intel Deployment
Assistant" (http://www.intel.com/design/servers/ism/deployment.htm)
which can help in installing these drivers. (Note: I work as a
developer on this tool).

Hope this helps.

-Jaiber John

On 4/10/07, Martin Steinmann <msteinmann vesbridge com> wrote:


Thanks for your quick reply. I did this and see the following:

On tty3:  Method=cdrom://hdb:/mnt/source

Using the command prompt: The mount command shows the device /tmp/cdrom
mounted on /mnt/source and I can see all the files from the CD there.

What is the difference between putting the dd= command into the file
isolinux.cfg vs. ks.cfg?

Would it be possible to have a subdirectory on the instillation CD e.g.
called Intel, that includes all the drivers?   Can you give me an idea how
the dd= command would look like then?  (E.g. dd=//hdb/intel  ??)




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put the following in your %pre:

sleep 99999999999

When the server is kickstarted, it will stop in the pre environment, waiting
for you to kill the sleep process.  Simply open a console session (alt-f2),
see how the CD is seen by the system, and use that device/path to load the
driver using driverdisk in the kickstart file.



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 Subject: Intel megasr RAID driver not included with RHEL4

We are using a new Intel server S5000PAL that requires a RAID driver
"megasr" not included with RHEL4. We use kickstart installation and
therefore cannot shuffle CDs during the installation process to add a driver

 I am trying to modify the RHEL4 installation CD so that this driver is
included on the CD.

 Can anyone point me to some documentation on how this can be accomplished?
Is kickstart able to automatically load a driver from a directory on the
same CD?

 I now have a CD (RHEL4u4 CD1 with a ks.cfg file in the root of the CD. I
copied the content of the Intel driver disk for the megasr driver into the
root of the CD.

 I then started experimenting with different settings in the file
isolinux.cfg, such as:

 The kickstart file does not include any statements like dd or driverdisk
(would that be needed?).

 None of this yields the desired result of an automated install where the
missing megasr driver is installed automatically. Looking on tty3 it seems
the system installs the libata driver and then sees two SATA disks (sda and
sdb) instead of the RAID 1 that is configured.

 What I would like to do is have one CD that includes everything needed for
a RHEL4 minimum installation including the Intel megasr driver required for
the RAID controller of this Intel server.

 I see another path creating a custom initrd.img and stage2.img file, but
would like to avoid this if possible.

 Please help

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