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Re: kickstart not used in the boot process

On 13/04/07, gerard labadie <gerard labadie gmail com> wrote:
Intel PowerEdge 2650, Red Hat ES 4 update 4

I have created a ks.cfg with system-config-kickstart, and copied "my"
packages in a temp directory
I have copied it in the top level directory and in the isolinux directory
I have chmod u+w isolinux/*

Where have you placed the ks.cfg file? Have you told the installer
that it has a kickstart file available and it should use it? You
should refer to the sysadmin guide, at:


There is a lot more in that guide regarding kickstart installations,
you should go through it all.

I have created a .iso file, according to

That is of course, the RHEL5 manual and you are installing RHEL4. Not
guaranteed to work :)



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