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RE: RHEL5 Ejecting CD Before %post

It's not elegant, but if the stuff you need to copy across is small
enough, you can create a ramdisk in %pre, copy stuff to it, then mount
it in %post.  This is the only way I've ever found to get info from %pre
to %post.

remember to umount the ram disk at the end of %pre, or it won't be
available to mount in %post.


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Goetz Rieger wrote:
> Jason Edgecombe wrote:
>> Goetz Rieger wrote:
>>> Hi there,
>>> I'm building a completely CD/DVD based RHEL5 kickstart install. I've

>>> to integrate additional stuff like JBoss and Raid utilities. I have 
>>> tried the same way I've done it a lot of times with RHEL4 by 
>>> mounting and accessing the CD/DVD in the %post stage.
>>> Apart from the /tmp/cdrom device file disappearing after the 
>>> packages are installed (does make mounting the CD not easier) it 
>>> looks like the CD is ejected before the post scripts are run. To 
>>> verify I did a:
>>> %post
>>> echo "Sleeping in %post..." > /tmp/anaconda_dbg.log sleep 180 %post 
>>> --nochroot echo "Sleeping in %post --nochroot..." >> 
>>> /mnt/sysimage/tmp/anaconda_dbg.log
>>> sleep 180
>>> The CD is clearly ejected before %post is done. So remounting to get

>>> to my custom files is out of question. Am I overlooking something 
>>> obvious or is there a way to prevent this behaviour?
>> eject -t /dev/device will retract an open motorized cdrom tray.
> It's a recent IBM xSeries which, like most servers I've worked on in 
> the last years, comes with a laptop-style cdrom. So no option...

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