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HTTP kickstart - using an includes/ directory


I'm doing HTTP kickstart with CentOS44, and as I have done with NFS,
would like to %include a per-server hostname.inc packages file with
an %include statement in the kickstart file. Ideally, I'd like to
have an "/includes" subdirectory in the OS install tree, where HTTP
is also fetching my kickstart file from.

With NFS, a path like /mnt/source/includes/ could be used - so in
the NFS kickstart file:

%include /mnt/source/includes/hostname.inc

My installation url/ks file path is:

This exists:

%include includes/hostname.inc
doesn't work; anaconda doesn't find the path and aborts the install.

I've tried several different paths for the include statement, and
also changed the location of the include directory, to no avail,
even the full method:path doesn't work:


I've also not found any documented mention yet of how this works -
does anyone know what's going on here - am I stupidly missing
something simple?

Many thanks for any insight!

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