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Re: Kickstart Tips and Tricks

Title: Re: Kickstart Tips and Tricks
My favorite use of kickstart is to kick a bare machine, which fits a role (ie webserver, database server, fileserver ), and then set loose cfengine to build the rest of the machine. Once configured correctly, I have found cfengine to be one of the best central management tools around.

Tom Callahan

On 4/23/07 5:47 PM, "Shabazian, Chip" <Chip Shabazian bankofamerica com> wrote:

Hi all.  I hope that I've been able to help some of you over the past
few years as I would now like to call on all of you for help.  I am
putting together a training for LinuxWorld this August called Kickstart
Tips and Tricks:


Although I've had to figure many things out over the past few years, my
experience pales in comparison to the collective group.  I'd like to ask
all of you for your help in putting this training together.  I will of
course make the training materials I develop available to all, and hope
that this can become a valuable resource (hmmm, maybe I'll setup a Wiki
at some point).

Here is what I'm looking for:
* If you were attending this training, what would you like to see
* Although you may be well versed in kickstart, what should I cover for
those not so experienced
* What other technologies do you use in your provisioning of systems
(cobbler, mrepo, etc)
* What "best practices" have you learned
* What else should I be asking for and presenting
* And of course, all those wonderful tips and tricks that we have all
learned over the years

Anything you send may be printed in the workbook that accompanies the
tutorial, so I need your approval to print it.  If you would like to be
credited, please provide me with how you want it to appear.

Please email me directly at chip shabazian bankofamerica com

Also, I apologize in advance for the spam.  I'll probably send this out
a few more times over the next two months since people seem to drop in
and out of this list so frequently.

Thanks everyone!

Chip Shabazian

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