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Re: Forcing TCP over NFS Kickstart Install

On 4/25/07, Geoff Mayes <gmayes vmware com> wrote:
Hello Kickstart List!

I would be most grateful for any help to the issue I'm having.

Here's the ultimate goal: to run kickstart installs over nfs using TCP
and not UDP on a RHEL3U5 system.

There is a RHEL 4-specific way of doing this only implemented in Update 4 and beyond.  Here's the entry from the Changelog:
         * loader2/nfsinstall.c Add support for passing nfs mount options
        by specifying nfsmountopts= on the boot command line.  NOTE: this
        syntax will only exist in RHEL4.  For future major releases of
        RHEL, this will be handled on a more fine-grained basis.  (Brian
        Long, #168384)

I believe you would need to rebuild anaconda for 3 U5 with the patch I submitted to Red Hat for nfsmountopts.  nfsmount.c function nfsmount() has checking for a "tcp" mount option, but there is no way to pass this option to loader and have it be passed to the nfsmount() function.


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