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RE: Kickstart Configuration file validation

Cool, finally a tool ;)  I didn't even know this existed! 

Chip Shabazian
VP ; Sr. Consultant - System Engineering
Bank of America
E&O OS Services -- Linux
e: chip shabazian bankofamerica com
p: 925 692-7000

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> Is there any way to validate the contents of a Kickstart Configuration

> file prior to installation? I have an install that fails with an 
> anaconda messages that appears to be related to the config file.

If you're using RHEL5 or FC6 or later, you can use ksvalidator, which is
part of the pykickstart package.  Of course, you'll need another machine
to do this.

Also, ksvalidator can't detect problems like incorrect partitioning.  It
can only check the syntax of your kickstart file and some things that it
doesn't need the installation environment to do.

- Chris

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