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RE: How to use kickstart when I have 2 network card

Title: Re: How to use kickstart when I have 2 network card
We kickstart servers with multiple NIC's every day.  One thing you need to be aware of is that RHEL 4 and 5 enumerate the bus differently than RHEL 3, so a NIC that was eth0 in RHEL 3 may no longer be eth0 when building the exact same machine with RHEL 4 or 5.  If the NIC's are on the same bus, then the order doesn't change (such as with the dual embedded NIC's on the HP DL servers), but if they are on different busses (this happens to us when there is another NIC in a PCI slot in addition to the embedded NICs), the order will be different in RHEL 3 than in RHEL 4 or 5.
ksdevice=mac_address will resolve this issue for retrieving your kickstart file, but you will need to make sure that you have the right ethX device in your kickstart file.
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Use ksdevice=eth(x). Other useful options are:

ip= — statically set ip
netmask= — statically set netmask
dns= — statically set dns
gateway= — statically set gateway address

This way you don’t even need DHCP to set up a machine :)

On 4/26/07 2:21 AM, "Zheng, Shaohui" <shaohui zheng intel com> wrote:

Hi all
       I meet problems when I use kickstart to do a full automation installation. I try to install the OS from a NFS server, all the ISO files and kickstart configuration files are in network. It works well if we have one network card only, but if some machine have 2 network card, it can not do it automatically. The kickstart manual says that if we have two network card, we must put the kickstart configuration file in local file system. Does it mean we do not have any other solution if we put the configuration file in network? If you know how to do it, would you please tell me, your suggestion is helpful for me, thanks so much.
Best Regards

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