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RE: Install order


I just have some packages which actually doesn't have dependency but in
the pre and post install script of rpm they use eg. grep to check
something, and at this point grep is not installed, so the package will
not be installed with kickstart.

Is there any option in kickstart to tell a package 'when' it should be


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> Hi,
> I have a custom cd with 249 rpm packages.
> In the ks.cfg file the %packages section look like this (alphabet
> order):
> #Package install information
> %packages --resolvedeps
> @ everything
> anacron
> apr
> apr-util
> audit
> audit-libs
> authconfig
> basesystem
> ....
> But it starts to install the packages with the 'comps' package.
> How does it decide what package to start the install with?
Based on the dependencies of each package.  It installs comps first
because comps contains dependency information for the rest of the
packages, then it determines what order to install based on that
dependency information, so if package 'bar' requires package 'foo' be
installed, then foo will be installed before bar, regardless of what
order they are in in your ks.cfg.

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