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Re: Install order

On 07/02/07, tamas 1 simon nokia com <tamas 1 simon nokia com> wrote:
Ok, thanks, but the packege is not mine but made by hp, so I don't want
to modify it.

Are you talking about the HP server management tools RPMs (hpasm,
hprsm etc.)? I install them post-install, post-reboot. They are quite
haphazardly packaged - I found my /etc/shadow gone when I included
these RPMs in the install tree. They have other problems too, viz:

- Some of them are packaged with rpm v3, so if I sign them with rpm v4
(to provision via my RHN satellite), they become corrupted. I need to
run up2date --nosig only for them.
- They include files which are deleted as part of post-installation
configuration - a one-time configuration utility is installed in /sbin
which will delete itself at the end of its own first run. Messes up
rpm -V.
- They create symlinks in %post (and delete them in %preun) instead of
packaging those in.
- Some of them run gcc in %post to compile modules for the running
kernel. To be fair, I don't know how this can be avoided.


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