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Re: detecting i386 or x86_64 in kickstart

Jesse Keating wrote:
> On Sunday 18 February 2007 22:24, Binand Sethumadhavan wrote:
>> I know that much... my question was specifically about x86_64 and i686
>> (since I was under the impression that i686 also means a 64-bit
>> processor).
>> I imagine i686 covers a much wider range of CPUs, not all of which are
>> 64-bit?
> i686 does not mean 64-bit.  i686 is still 32bit.  It's just a newer family of 
> 32bit processors. (newer than i586/i486/i386)

To clarify:

i286 = 80286
i386 = 80386
i486 = 80486
i586 = Pentium
i686 = Pentium Pro, Pentium {II|III|4|M|D} / Celeron {M|D} / Xeon / Core
x86_64 = AMD {Sempron|Athlon64|Opteron} / Pentium {4|D} / Xeon / Core
         running in 64-bit mode

Binand, when you ask "detect" 64-bitness in a kickstart, do you mean in
the initial options to determine a repo to use, or in %pre / %post?  If
the latter, `uname -i` should suffice.

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