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Re: detecting i386 or x86_64 in kickstart

Binand Sethumadhavan wrote:
On 19/02/07, William Anderson <wanderso csl co uk> wrote:
Binand, when you ask "detect" 64-bitness in a kickstart, do you mean in
the initial options to determine a repo to use, or in %pre / %post?  If
the latter, `uname -i` should suffice.

I didn't ask this question - it was Jason Edgecombe who started this
thread. I just wanted to extricate myself from the various
alphanumero-underscoric acronyms when it came to processor
architectures :)

To summarize the thread, the final analysis says that the i386/ia_64 logic cannot be done in kickstart and must be done earlier in the boot process. There was a feature suggestion on the syslinux mailing list about having a 32bit default vs a 64bit default. Branching in syslinux looks to be the best option.

Jason Edgecombe

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