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Re: detecting i386 or x86_64 in kickstart

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Monday 19 February 2007 16:15, Jason Edgecombe wrote:
To summarize the thread, the final analysis says that the i386/ia_64
logic cannot be done in kickstart and must be done earlier in the boot
process. There was a feature suggestion on the syslinux mailing list
about having a 32bit default vs a 64bit default. Branching in syslinux
looks to be the best option.

Perhaps you need to explain a bit more about what you wanted to _do_ with that detection. There are many things you could do in %pre based on what kernel is loaded. It would require conscious thought on what kernel to boot at syslinux or pxelinux, but that isn't very hard.
Basically, I wanted to autodetect a 32/64 bit processor and install the proper 32/64 bit RedHat based on the processor type.

I've found out since that my users aren't clamoring for 64bit and I'll probably want to consciously choose 32/64bit rather than autodetect.


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