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RE: kickstart installation hardware support

>	De : kickstart-list-bounces redhat com [mailto:kickstart-list-bounces redhat com] De la part de Steven Dalton
>	Envoyé : jeudi 22 février 2007 16:50
>	À : kickstart-list redhat com
>	Objet : kickstart installation hardware support
>	I am having some problems installing Fedora core 5 on my system. When I use the FC5 boot disk with the kickstart directive
>	linux ks=http://somedomain/ks.cfg
>	The installation ignores the ks configuration completely and continues on to the graphical installation. I do not know if it >     is relevent but I do not 
>	have dhcp on my network where the machine so I need to setup the ip address statically.   


As you don't have any DHCP server, you can try to configure ip on lilo/grub. Have a look to the ip kernel parameter:
ip=<client ip>:<server ip>:<gateway ip>:<netmask>:<hostname>:<device>:<autoconf>

In your case, I should try something like this:

linux ks=http://<http server ip>/ks.cfg ip=<client ip>::<gateway ip>:<netmask>:::

Hope this can help


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